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In-depth training

In-Depth Training

No theory. 100% practical implementation of python with ML strategies.

Up-To-Date Material

Up-To-Date Material

No outdated stuff. Only current and up-to-date material.

Result Oriented

Result Oriented

This course is designed to get the best results in placements.

100% Job Guarantee

100% Job Guarantee

Tie ups with 140+ companies for 100% job placements.

Well done, you have achieved the tough part


Step 1: You know the future of Python in IT firms, and you want to learn that.


Step 2: You are searching for the best Python training institute in Jaipur.


Step 3: Now, you are all set to make your bright career in Machine Learning with Python.

Why You Must Join Our Practical Rich Python For Machine Learning Course in Jaipur?

As you know, Machine Learning currently has massive demand in the market. And Protocloud Academy is one of the leading Python for Machine Learning courses in Jaipur.

The mentors will show you to easily translate software requirements into workable programming code to sustain and develop live-project training programs.

It will help you understand the in-depth knowledge of machine learning. Once students have completed the training program, our experts will provide advanced android development training to guide the students with the latest technology.

In Machine Learning, it is usual to work with massive data sets. This course will try to make it as straightforward as possible to comprehend the various concepts of machine learning (ML), and we will start with small and easy-to-understand data sets.

Once you conclude this course, you will get a course completion certificate for Protocloud Academy, which you can share on your resumes, documents, or LinkedIn profiles.

Anybody Can Pursue Our Python for Machine Learning Training

Students – Python for machine learning is free and open-source learning and can be explained easily. Python does not deal with a complex language, and thus every student finds it easy to understand.

Entrepreneur – Python for ML is one of the most functional programming languages for anyone to learn because it’s relatively easy to understand and has many applications.

Jobseeker – Due to Python’s fast-growing demand in machine learning, there are many job options. The development of Python apps is fast compared to many programming languages.

Freelancer – You can find many clients asking for a solution to their problems related to ML. Find those problems that can be solved using your Python skills, and you can make a lot of money.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about python; you need dedication, a computer, and basic mathematics knowledge.

Skills You Will Gain

Expertise In Core Python Good grip of Web Frameworks Object Relational Mappers Road to Data Science Machine Learning and AI Deep Learning Knowledge of Multi-Process Architecture Analytical skill


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Why Are Python For Machine Learning Training Certificates Valuable?

Getting certified shows companies that you have a clear understanding of the root concepts of the python for ML language. You can also add up this qualification to your resume and easily use it in your LinkedIn profile.

Becoming certified shows you’ve got genuine python for ML skills and are motivated to learn: these two traits are essential in today’s business world. Establishing these qualities can help enhance your chances of locating the job you want.

Improving your knowledge as a python for ML developer can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

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The Most Common Questions That We Receive Are:

Are AI and ML a promising career?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence and ML is a beautiful career path if you’re involved in data, algorithms, and automation, as your day will be loaded with examining large amounts of data and executing and automating it. If payment is vital to you, a career in ML has an excellent basic salary.

What skills will I obtain from this AI & ML course?

Through this AI and ML course, you will learn many skills. For becoming a machine learning or artificial intelligence expert, you must have particular skills.

The skills mentioned below are the must-haves for machine learning and AI experts:

  • Expertise in languages like
  • Python/C++/R/Java
  • Probability and statistics
  • Data modeling and Evaluation
  • Distributed Computing
  • Machine learning Algorithms
  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

Some prerequisites:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Programming knowledge

How can you begin a career in AI and machine learning?

Jumpstart your career in artificial intelligence, and machine learning pursues almost the same path as every other stream.

Fundamentals to learn:

  1. Learn linear algebra
  2. Learn programming languages like Python, R, Java
  3. Learn calculus

The following step would be to learn ML. If you consume all weekend working, there probably won’t be any short-term prize, and your boss won’t even know or say ‘nice work.” To understand how to be a specialist in AI and ML, you can join protocloud academy.

The subsequent effort would be to develop projects and start partaking in different contests after one has sharpened their skills to be assured about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What are the AI and ML initial salaries in India?

Multi-National companies with research and development centers in India offer very impressive salaries ranging from ₹ 1.6 million – 2 .1 million pa. However, one must have significant knowledge and experience to draw these digits.

The payments as per Glassdoors are:

  • For newbies, the salary will be in the range of ₹4-5 lakhs.
  • A machine learning engineer will earn around ₹750k – ₹1,200k.
  • An ML data associates ₹231K – ₹354K.

These pay ranges from one Multi-National company to another MNC and could be more.

Is it worth learning AI and ML?

Some of the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence are as follows:

  1. It helps increase company efficiency.
  2. It allows companies to comprehend their consumers better.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence assist in customizing the company’s marketing campaigns.

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