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We have tie-ups with the top firm of the industry which provides the best offer to our students.

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We provide the latest and updated material to our students as per the latest trends.

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Step 1: You know the future of Web Development in IT firms and you want to learn that.


Step 2: You are searching for the best website development institute in Jaipur.


Step 3: Now you are all set to make your bright career in Web Development.

Know More About Web Development Training in Jaipur...!!

We at Protocloud Academy offers you the best in town certification course in web development

This course is developed by our experts who have industrial experience of more than 10 years

The motive of the course is to train the students and enhance their skills to make the best web developers

Who can easily leave the mark in the industry with their skill to develop a stunning website/app with practice on live projects of our various clients

In addition to all this, we provide training in various client-side and server-side scripting languages like PHP, WordPress, Advanced PHP, and many more.

Web Development Course in Jaipur

Our Web Development Course in Jaipur is Designed for Everyone...

Web Development Training in Jaipur

Students – Our training in web designing course topics is so easy that it can be easily understood by anyone whether they are from a technical background or non-technical background.

Entrepreneur –   Our course will help you to create your own unique and distinctive website which will help you to keep in touch with your clients, build your brand image, and many more.

Jobseeker – After completing the web development course in Pinkcity you can easily get a job as we train our students in such a way that they get jobs just after completing the course.

Freelancer – You can now easily upgrade your skills or you can learn a completely new skill that will help you to work for your clients from the comfort of your home.

This course is definitely for you even if you don’t have any prior technical knowledge and you still want to learn web development.

This course is definitely for you to make a successful career

Various Skills That You Will Gain

HTML, CSS and JavaScript Bootstrap and jQuery Advanced PHP Testing and Debugging Softwares Database Management Speed Optimization E-Commerce Websites Website Setup and Hosting

Web Development Course Syllabus PDF


A Peek Inside of The Web Development Course Syllabus

Let’s have a look at our course content which has been designed by our experts of Protocloud Academy. They all have 10+ years of experience in the field of Web Development. Our course content includes PHP, Library Function, String, Cookies, and much more.

3 months to complete


Students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating online.

MODULE 1- Introduction to PHP

  • Evaluation of PHP
  • Installing PHP
  • PHP Syntax
  • Defining variable and constant
  • Echo / Print
  • Data Types
  • Strings
  • Operators and Expression

MODULE 2 – Handling Html Form With PHP

  • Combine HTML and PHP code
  • Understanding Forms
  • Capturing Form Data
  • Redirecting a form after submission
  • A script to acquire user input
  • Dealing with Multi-value filed
  • Using hidden fields
  • File upload and scripts

MODULE 3 – Decisions and loop

  • Making Decisions
  • Doing Repetitive task with looping
  • Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
  • Using the ? operator
  • The switch statement
  • Using the while() Loop
  • The do while statement
  • Using the for() Loop
  • Breaking out of loops
  • Nesting loops

MODULE 4 – Fun With PHP Functions

  • What is a function
  • Define a function
  • Call by value and Call by reference
  • Recursive function

MODULE 5 – Library Function

  • String function
  • Math function
  • Array function

MODULE 6 – String

  • Creating and accessing String
  • Searching & Replacing String
  • Formatting String
  • String Related Library function

MODULE 7 – Array

  • Anatomy of an Array
  • Creating index based and Associative array
  • Accessing array Element
  • Looping with Index based array
  • Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
  • Some useful Library function

MODULE 8 – Working with file and Directories

  • Understanding file & directory
  • Opening and closing a file
  • Coping ,renaming and deleting a file
  • Working with directories
  • Building a text editor
  • File Uploading & Downloading

MODULE 9 – Cookies

  • What is a Cookie?
  • Setting time in a cookie with PHP
  • Deleting a cookie
  • Creating session cookie
  • Working with the query string

MODULE 10 – Session

  • What is session?
  • Starting a session
  • Registering Session variables
  • Working with session variables
  • Destroying session
  • Passing session Ids
  • Encoding and decoding session variables
  • How to increase session expire time
  • How to work session without cookie?

MODULE 11 – Database Connectivity with MySql

  • Introduction To Database
  • What is RDBMS technology?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Adding data to a table
  • Displaying returned data on Web pages
  • Finding the number of rows
  • Looping through database
  • Inserting data
  • Deleting data
  • Entering and updating data
  • Executing multiple queries
  • Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys

MODULE 12 – Advance PHP techniques

  • Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
  • File upload
  • File Download
  • PHP configuration file
  • Error tacking and debugging

MODULE 13 – PHP-AJAX Communication

  • Check ID Availability using AJAX
  • AJAX handling Http Request and Response
  • Database Interaction using AJAX

MODULE 14 – Hands on Opensource

  • What is CMS ?
  • WordPress and its History and Usage
  • Overview of WordPress
  • Knowledge of Themes in WordPress

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    Bharat Arora Web Development Mentor Protocloud Academy

    Learn Website Development From Your Mentor

    Bharat Arora is the lead instructor of this Website Development Course.

    He has extensive working experience in client-side and server-side scripting languages such as PHP, PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony, and PHP Open sources Magento, Opencart, Shopify, WordPress, etc.

    Bharat is a regular trainer on topics such as MVC, MVP, Utilization of OOPs in PHP, how to building the logic and how to implement them in the Web programming, how to debug an issue in the code, and how to fix that quickly, all the fundamentals of core and advanced PHP, PHP-AJAX Communication, PHP and MYSQLi Database integration and Database Operations.

    He is a specialist in MVC, MVP, MySQLi, OOPs, Ajax, jQuery, HTML/CSS, and other essential programming fundamentals.

    Currently, he is mentoring aspiring website developers at Protocloud Academy.

    He will teach the practical implementation and techniques he learned in his 12+ years of experience along the way that can help you boost your career in the website development industry.

    He has trained hundreds of students to support them with their career goals.

    Do you want to gain 12+ years of experience in just 3 months to take your programming skills to another level?

    Why Get Certified?

    Getting certified shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of web designing. You can also add the qualification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

    Becoming certified shows you’ve got genuine designing skills, and that you are motivated to learn: two essential qualities in today’s business world. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

    Improving your graphic designing knowledge can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

    Enroll Today And Get Certified In This Practical Rich Training

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    Most common questions that we receive are:

    What is the fees of the course?

    You will be charged a very reasonable amount of money from our institute.

    The fees will include all the facilities and resources which are provided by the institute.

    Will you provide web development 100% job guaranteed?

    Yes, we assure you 100% job guarantee after successful completion of the course.

    We have a strong reason behind this commitment, we teach our students in such a way that they can easily crack any job interview.

    Is the course available for non technical person as well?

    Yes, you can learn this course even you don’t have the technical background you just have to give some extra effort to learn this course.

    We teach our students that it becomes easy for them to understand and learn from the institute.

    You don’t have to worry if you are from a non-technical background.

    What is the duration of the course and timing of the classes?

    The duration of the course is 3 months in these months you will learn web development from the scratch.

    We start teaching from the basics and teach you skills like JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, Advanced PHP, and many more skills like these.

    Will you provide certificate ?

    Yes, for sure you will get the training certificate after successful completion of the course.

    This certificate will be a training certificate that will include approved technology partners.

    What are the job opportunities in Jaipur ?

    In the recent survey, it has been found that the demand for a web developer is increasing day by day.

    And this is the reason that the demand for web developers in Jaipur is also increasing.

    Do you provide demo session ?

    We do not believe in a demo session that is basically conducted to lure the students by teaching them some easy topics.

    We are ready to provide you with all the information required, and you can visit our institute as well and see the teaching environment.

    How much salary can be expected after this course?

    The salary which you can expect after successful completion of this course can be around 3 lakh per annum which is a considerably high paying job for freshers in respect to other industry.

    But the salary will be totally dependent on your potential to crack the job interview.

    What will be the mode of training? Online or Offline

    Right now we are only teaching through offline mode,

    The training might look like classroom training but it is far more than that we will be teaching you more of practice rather than just theory.

    Will you help in facing the job interview?

    Yes, we will definitely help you in facing the job interview.

    We will also help in overcoming your hesitation and fear of facing an interview

    This is mainly happened because of two main reasons:

    Firstly if you only have theoretical knowledge and you lack practical knowledge

    And secondly, you don’t have any past working experience of working anywhere so you don’t know the things to be done and how things are done

    We will help you in learning all these things on your training itself.

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